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Rediscovering Singapore

Sometimes returning to a place can be a disappointment. But, on a recent trip to Singapore I was pleasantly surprised to find that just the opposite was true. What I discovered was a new appreciation for the city. And, I was reminded how specific neighborhoods can impact one’s enjoyment of a city. Though I’ve been [...]

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My Favorite Things

Have you ever arrived somewhere that you'd never visited before and immediately felt as if you had come home? Though I'd been lucky enough to have visited numerous countries over six continents, including living abroad for several years, it wasn't until I touched ground in Southeast Asia that I immediately felt a special, intangible connection [...]

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Laos – Off the Radar

There are places in the world that are quite wonderful but that somehow manage to elude most travelers. Laos is one of those places. Most visitors to Southeast Asia - especially first time visitors - focus on more well-known destinations such as Thailand and Vietnam. But, Laos has a lot to offer - not only for travelers who [...]

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Sabah Borneo Wildlife Adventure

Inspired by a growing number of inquiries for wildlife viewing in Borneo, I recently visited Sabah state, located in the northwest of the island. The island of Borneo is shared by Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. Sabah is part of Malaysian Borneo and it boasts pristine rainforests with a variety of exotic fauna, river adventures and offshore beach [...]

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Foodie Adventures & Cooking Classes

Up until fairly recently, travelers to Southeast Asia were nervous about eating unfamiliar foods. Those days are long gone! Nowadays just about everyone wants the opportunity to experience street food and local delicacies. Even people who are hesitant to try street food are still excited to learn about exotic spices, unfamiliar produce and Southeast Asian cooking techniques. Eating [...]

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How To Get Trip That You Want

There are lots of tour companies that offer generic trips to Southeast Asia, hitting the most frequently visited highlights of each country. These trips typically include motorcoach touring with a large group of people. On the plus side motorcoach tours may cost a little less. On the other hand, the included hotels aren't always in the most [...]

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Fun Facts & Tidbits

There's lots to learn about history, customs, etc. when visiting the countries of Southeast Asia. But, sometimes it's the miscellaneous fun facts that are most interesting. Here are some random bits of Southeast Asia trivia: Myanmar is the highest per capita consumer of onions in the entire world. The Burmese people love their onions! The Mekong River, which flows [...]

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