Our trip was just amazing, and ending in Halong was the best. Thank you so much. We loved all the hotels – they were so great. We loved every tour except the railroad tour in Saigon.

I think it is taking me a while to absorb where we have just been. It’s weird. Every day I get more appreciative of everything we were able to do and see. I am having trouble explaining the country of Vietnam to people. There is so much to say.

I wanted to tell you how happy I am that you strongly urged us to go to Hue. I told David that not going there would be like not seeing the temples in Angkor. Such beauty there, especially the kings’ tombs. And the garden house for dinner, wow! Even though we had to walk through the flooded alley to get there, it was so worth it!

The Cambodian guides were okay but all the Vietnam guides were really great, loved them, especially Son (Hoi An) and Hung (Hanoi).

My brother in law asked me this morning to name my 3 favorite things we got to do. I realized there’s no way to narrow it down to just 3!!

Thank you so much for making our trip so special! I really hope I can get back to Vietnam someday. I have fallen in love.

Debbie Rosenthal
The trip was really amazing. We thought all the guides were really great. In Hanoi our guide really took care of us, got us on an earlier flight out of Hanoi so we didn’t have to sit around so long. She was a great “mother hen”.

The hotels were all really good too. We had lovely rooms in each of them and the service was amazing. The cruise on Halong Bay was so lovely.

The food tour on the back of the Vespa was one of the most favorite and fun things that we did. It had been raining all day, and we almost cancelled it, but were so glad we went ahead and did it. The guide was really great and fun to hang out with. We wanted to adopt him! They dared me to eat a bug when we went to the night market. Not bad, if you haven’t tried it yet.

All in all it was a fantastic trip. Thanks so much for making the arrangements.

Robin & Anne
After the many months of planning, the vacation is all over, how sad. I am back to a normal routine adjusting to the cooler weather.

I just wanted to thank you for providing a flawless trip. Absolutely nothing went wrong. Your planning and scheduling, perfect. From beginning to end I had almost no worries at all. Everything scheduled was on time, guides were there and took care of every detail. The airlines were amazing and catering.

All the tours were interesting. I had a great time on the Vespa tour in Cambodia. Vietnam was lovely, the food tour was literally fulfilling, but Hoi An was my favorite, a very romantic city. Halong Bay was 2nd. I fell in love with Laos, such a charming country and people. Siem Reap was very touristy, but yet having a charming urban flair of its own.

All was a true dream vacation, thanks to you. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime.

Harry Plichta
I’m happy to report that the trip went off without a glitch . . . . which is amazing, especially considering all of the transfers we had! What a wonderful itinerary you put together! It was quite an adventure. It truly was a wonderful experience and we have you to thank for that.
VaLynn Blackburn
The Royal Orchid Hotel in Bangkok was really awesome. Seeing the Grand Palace was a highlight of the trip. The boat ride on the river in Bangkok was an eye-opener. What an education on how people really live there. I really loved the markets we went to in Bangkok. The railroad market was a trip.

Chiang Mai was a real favorite of mine. The shopping was mind blowing! I’d go there again just for that. The mountain village was unbelievable. The most fun was having lunch in someone’s home there. We really got a feel for how it is to live there. Our guide that day, Moomi, was completely awesome. I think she had as much fun as we did. I wouldn’t miss the village day if I went again.

We all had to buy an elephant painting at the Elephant Conservation Centre. I couldn’t believe how cool it was to see the elephants painting.

I love to cook and I have to say a highlight of the trip was the cooking class with Air. He really made our day special. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting an authentic hands-on class.

Siem Reap was incredible. Our guide, Wanna, was the best. What I really loved about him the most was his willingness to share what everyday life is really like there. I can clearly see why the Victoria Hotel is a favorite! The breakfasts in all the hotels were REALLY good. I loved all three of the temples in Siem Reap. Another highlight of the Siem Reap portion of the trip was seeing the artist schools. My gosh, you just can’t imagine what goes into creating some of the work they do there. Three days to make one silk scarf on a loom! Yeah, you have to know I bought scarves and a silk purse. It was really special getting a blessing from a monk.

Diane, I deeply appreciate the effort that you put into creating a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us. The attention to detail and keeping us informed along the way is also appreciated. I’ll be sharing your contact info with anyone I know who wants to have an exceptional trip to that part of the world. I also appreciate your getting my miscellaneous flights when needed.

Thanks again.

Dona Kerr
The trip was wonderful! Thank you for all of the work you put into setting it all up for us.
Bangkok was beautiful. Pom, our guide, did a wonderful job. He was very knowledgeable. The hotel there was just as pictured! The food was fabulous and the staff was gracious, welcoming and simply wonderful.

Chiang Mai held all kinds of wonderful things. Two of my favorite things were: the trip into the mountain and spending the day with villagers. Moomi was knowledgeable, fun and sincerely great to be around all day! The second was the cooking class with Air. It was a fantastic day and I would highly recommend a cooking class with him for any of your clients. His English is wonderful as well. Air’s instructions were easy to follow too. As a teacher myself, I appreciate the time and preparation that went into his time with us.

The Elephant Conservatory was worth the trip too. I purchased a painting done by one of the elephants there!

I truly love visiting ruins and archeological sites of any kind. Cambodia had some of the best preserved temples I have ever seen. The Angkor temples were the highlight of my trip! Wanna was the perfect guide. I would highly recommend him! I simply cannot say enough nice things about him. His suggestions made things much easier for us. I would consider going back just because of him! He really took time with all of the history of each place we visited. He made sure we had time for wonderful pictures and suggested pictures that I would not have thought of myself. I learned a great deal from him and will tell others about our trip there.
Of course, it goes without saying that I would highly recommend your services as well!

Thank you for a wonderful experience and trip!

Kathy Sherry
Everything about the honeymoon was perfect! My favorite leg of the trip, surprisingly, was in Chiang Mai and our stay at the Anantara. Beautiful hotel, and the city truly felt like we were in a different world. If I could do it again I’d probably spend less time in Phuket and more time in Chiang Mai.

Good news – I have no criticisms whatsoever! Overall the two things that were most important to me were:

1. My expectations matched the actual experience. Given you are not familiar with me personally, and I only could describe what I was looking for out of this vacation, it was such a pleasant surprise upon arrival to see everything I was expecting come to fruition. The transfers were all seamless, the accommodations were beautiful with impeccable service, and the excursions were well-planned.

2. Working with you was such a pleasure. You were readily available to chat, and if not via phone you were extremely responsive to email. I’ve also never worked with a travel agent before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect (and thought that it’s possible they may try to sell me on something given their relationships). But, I always felt that you were genuinely listening to what I wanted, and found the best match for that. You were also very accommodating given my price sensitivities, and I really believe that you found me the best possible trip for the money that was spent.

I will recommend you to anyone that I know looking to travel to that area! Thank you again!

Amira Karriem
We had the most amazing of times! Overall it was an incredible trip, we were extremely happy with how everything was so smooth and we didn’t have to worry about anything!

The tour guides were great! Overall they were super attentive and catered to our every need.
We are delighted with the experience and most certainly will be reaching out in the near future for other trips:)

Thanks for everything and for being so attentive and kind.

Gaby Ciaramella
I cannot thank you enough for putting together the trip of a lifetime for our family.

By far our favorites were getting the entire family together in Halong Bay, and Halong Bay itself; the spectacular Angkor Wat, and the surprising Bagan, which we had never heard of, and the delight of the people and villages of Inlay lake.

Having you plan and organize our trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos was the best thing that could have happened to us. We were fortunate to hear about you from a fellow attendee at a presentation about Laotian textiles at the Asia Society in New York City. We are so appreciative of all the time you took to patiently consult with my husband and I over several hour long conversations (you in CA, we in NY) to identify our interests and really personalize a customized tour. Your professional insight on how much time to spend in each country and how to plan the itinerary, as well as your ability to adjust to incorporate 3 separate sets of travel arrangements to include our adult children was a welcome plus, as we would never have been able to coordinate so many people and schedules on our own. We also appreciated the enormous attention to detail to provide the necessary paperwork and documentation, visas, currency and recommendations for restaurants along the way.

The pacing and variety of activities and meals and hotels were perfect. There was the right amount of scheduling and down time. The guides were all professional, flexible and helpful, and we were most appreciative of their attentive service, provision of water bottles and wet towelettes!.

Each hotel exceeded our expectations and provided that awe and wow sensation of ‘arrival’, especially Raffles and the Governor’s Residence.

We also adored the boutique hotel at Inlay Lake and their spectacular food.

There is so much to say, but overall I can just not say thank you enough. Our trip was exactly what we had hoped–a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore a new region of the world and a trip that made many wonderful memories for my husband and myself, and our adult children. We couldn’t have ever done this on our own and we are very grateful for all the effort you made to create a wonderful trip. We all enjoyed it very much.
Thank you again.

Holly ( and Hal, Sarah, John, and Anne ) Kennedy
It was a fantastic trip – I was so pleased with our guides and transportation. We experienced so much more than we would have on our own. Laos in particular was a delightful surprise – I thought the only thing to do there was the early morning monk rice gathering, but there was so much more. It’s the one place I definitely want to return to with my husband and daughter. I loved it.
A.S., Mountain View, CA
We had a trip of a lifetime. Everything was PERFECT!!!! Not one single bump in the road. Thank you so very much. It was so Beautiful and the ELE (Elephant Life Experience) was beyond!!! Worth every penny, it was private and amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It was awesome. Thank you once again for a Fabulous trip. Yipeeeee:)))))
Rick Corbett
We encountered several other traveling couples who were dissatisfied with aspects of their tours, and we have provided them with your contact information. We will continue to recommend your services wherever possible and will definitely be back to you for any further adventures in that part of the world.

While Patricia and I are usually “independent” travelers, the experience we had with your arrangements for this voyage was well above expectations. Thanks to you, our entire trip was flawless, in every way. The partner you work with provided excellent guides and drivers. They all were personable, knowledeable about their specific areas, but most of all, very attentive to Patricia and me, insofar as our comfort and safety, a very important aspect for western travelers who have never been to this part of the world. They all contributed to our collective enjoyment of every location and activity. Even with our six hour late arrival in Bangkok and the delay at the visa desk in Hanoi, there was always someone with a clearly marked sign with our name on it when we cleared customs. A VERY comforting feeling.

The hotel choices were spot on, not only for their level of accommodation, but also for a variety of atmosphere that was a blend of modern and elegant, old-world charm. Every time we would arrive at a new hotel, we were ready for at least a week’s stay. The two of us were so grateful for the general level of friendliness and politeness in all of the hotel staffs, including the fabulous overnight on the Golden Cruise on Halong Bay. Thanks for that one!

The variety of cultural opportunities we encountered along the way has given us a very good snapshot of life in those parts of the world. It was interesting to witness which countries were making strides to take their place in this world economy and which were still experiencing significant obstacles in terms of corruption and social imbalance in their societies. The historical reality of the visit to Saigon’s War Remants Museum and the Cu Chi Tunnels complex was sobering and certainly understandable as Americans.

The dinner at the Om Garden in Hue was other-worldly, first as an experience of being the only “guests” for dinner and then with the quality of food. Oh, and not to forget “Xu Restaurant and Lounge” in Saigon, which was the very best food on the trip.

While it was necessary to take so many short hops to get to all the countries, we understand it was probably the best (and perhaps only) way to get around to as many places as we wanted to see. Every flight was on time.

Thanks again very much for your expert and timely assistance on this trip. We will certainly be back to you, as we anticipate our next SE Asia adventure.

Bob & Patricia Burling
We had a marvelous time. Everything was perfect – the hotels, the guides, the itinerary, even the weather which you did not control. I want to thank you for making this trip seamless. We wouldn’t have changed a thing. Again Thank You.
Stu Bogard
I vetted out about 4-5 travel agents before I found Diane Embree and she was absolutely fantastic. Diane assisted us in designing an amazing trip for a group of 10 people through various parts of Thailand and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! She had every detail covered, was so on top of my every question, and was truly an amazing person to work with! I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to go to SE Asia, she’s well-versed with the culture and truly looks out for your best interest, always. Thanks, Diane!
Amanda Andrzejewski
It was a glorious trip for which I thank you deeply. Every arrangement was seamless. Each guide was special to us in his own way. The tours were all well thought out and the hotels lovely (and that is saying a lot, because although my budget isn’t high, my standards are :-)! And we had wonderful food everywhere.

Really only Vientiane was disappointing after the fabulous places we had been. It could have been missed (especially because we wanted more time in Luang Prabang). Although I must say that I did enjoy meeting Carol Cassidy and seeing her beautiful work.

Actually in truth, the only real problem with the trip is that it all happened so quickly and hence, we are discussing another trip. We may want to go back to Siem Reap and Luang Prabang and definitely go to Myanmar next year. By the way, I have already passed your contact on to three people.

Judith Wendell
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for the trip. We are both very, very pleased with everything we experienced. Our guides were superlative and really love what they do. They all took excellent care of us. Food everywhere was amazing and delicious. There are almost too many places and events to single out as the best – the wonder of Angkor Wat to listening to monks chanting in Luang Prabang to having drinks on the hotel roof bar and watching the Saigon River traffic. All peak memories. Plus some nice pix and a few souvenirs to boot. Again, thanks so much for your time, effort and planning.
Alan Zitko
I had an absolutely great trip. With the exception of one guide in Saigon (who was good but not exceptional), all my guides and drivers were excellent. All went the extra mile when I asked to see an unplanned sight or make a tweak to the itinerary. My guide in Bangkok got me over a little fear of trying new foods; in Hanoi my guide took me to her home for a home cooked meal, met the family and encouraged me to ask any questions and brought up questions I would never have asked; in Inle Lake my guide made it possible to see the Lake festival (very special).

The sights and people were terrific and I took almost 4,000 pictures. Hotels were all terrific and a few even upgraded me – like the Halong Bay boat gave me the best room on the boat, I had a suite in Saigon with a great balcony to see the market, free laundry in Cambodia.

Loads of great stories and glad to act as a reference and share more stories. I really had a great experience and would recommend you and the local team any time. Thank you.

Don Hrdina
We had an unbelievably amazing trip and we really are thankful for all of your hard work in planning our trip especially for us. The trip included everything we had imagined. Of course we were disappointed about the Halong Bay cruise, but you can never predict the weather. Again, thank you so much for catering the trip to us; that made this trip extra special.
Nick James & Megan Hicks
We would like to say thank you very much and the arrangements all went extra smooth and planned well. The political situation did not have any effect on us or any tourists at all, we didn’t even notice it (May 2014). It was a lovely experience and we were sad to leave Thailand. The people were friendly and the food was delicious. All of the activities were fun and it was a great mix of exploration, leisure, history/culture and adventure. Time went by fast (and I hope to travel again very soon). We actually made a few Thai friends and become Facebook friends with them. Hopefully we’ll get to speak to you soon so we can tell you about our experience and I would love to write a nice review about your services. Thanks again.
Dorian Kobetitsch
The trip was fantastic. We both had a tough time figuring out what our “most favorite” part was because there were so many moments we liked. Definitely did not want the trip to end. As for our arrangements, everything went smoothly and Mark had plenty to eat. Here are some of our favorite things in each of the legs:

– Chiang Mai, the local transportation tour in the Old Town, the elephants and Tiger Kingdom and one of our best meals came from a “local” northern Thai food restaurant called Tong Tem Teh.
– Bangkok, the jungle cycling tour, night stalls on Soi 38 – which are pretty clean and a great way to experience “street food”, floating market. The bike ride was super fun. It was just such a different experience than some of the normal attractions in the city and a great way to check out one of the other neighborhoods.
– Bali, the snorkeling, monkey forest in Ubud and rafting.

Guides overall were great. John from Chiang Mai and Oka from Bali were our favorites – super professional, offered to take care of us throughout and be a resource even on our days off, and were easy to talk to.

Sharon Kao
We took three tours with Southeast Asia tour guides – Bangkok, Angkor Wat and Singapore – and all three were terrific! The guides spoke excellent English, were exceedingly friendly, and were very, very knowledgeable about the sites we toured. These tours were everything we had hoped for, and we highly recommend Southeast Asia Tours to anyone visiting that part of the world
Ed Sikov & Bruce Schackman
Overall, the trip to Southeast Asia was one of the best vacations we have ever taken, and we attribute this in large part to your careful and most excellent planning. The local guides were fantastic, and the places we visited were amazing. Our favorite was Luang Prabang in Laos, a magical place, made even more wonderful by the fact that we were there during their annual fire boat festival.

We want to thank you also for being so responsive to our concerns about the weather and making the schedule and hotel changes in Vietnam to avoid the typhoon. It all worked out to the good.

Movenpick Hotel in Hanoi was great. Anantara Resort in Hoi an was right in town, so we could walk along the river to dinner. The Maison Souvannaphoum in Luang Prabang and the Victoria Angkor Resort in Siem Reap were also well located and wonderful. The trip to Halong Bay, and the overnight stay on the boat, was a true treat. We enjoyed the people on the shared boat.

Without exception, the local guides were knowledgeable, fascinating people who had an excellent command of English. Having the personal guides was probably a large contributor to our enjoyment of the trip.

The cooking class in Hoi An was fantastic…another highlight of the trip. Brian did find Hoi An a little too touristy and definitely too crowded the day a ship docked in Danang. But, the nights along the river were delightful. One of the things we appreciated about the night market in Luang Prabang was the effort they made to “brand” local goods with “made in Luang Prabang” stickers, so we knew we were supporting exactly those craft people who were selling the goods.

A great trip, with many thanks to you and your local partners!

Cheryl & Brian Stecher
Our trip was wonderful, even better than I had hoped. Our Red Dragon boat was a delight and the Halong Bay cruise was wonderful. The food was delicious, the guide struck a good balance of giving us information and letting us soak up the beauty. The hotels were lovely, especially in Laos, Hoi An and Cambodia. We enjoyed the tour in Hanoi, the highlights of the city were remarkable and we enjoyed prowling about a bit on our own. The Angkor temples were amazing, well worth the heat and humidity. Our guide, Khet, knew how to avoid the crowd while pointing out key elements in the temples. We arranged with him to take us out to Banteay Srei, which was remarkable, and the drive provided a look at the countryside and villages. A memorable trip for my family. Wonderful. I loved Cambodia and Laos and would love to return some time. Many thanks for your patience and advice in planning our adventure.
Janet King
The trip was wonderful. The two days we spent in Halong Bay were exceptional. The weather was perfect and the crew was nothing short of wonderful. In Hoi An we had a wonderful time at the beach resort. The rest there was much needed, but the weather was super hot. The beaches and the resort were super and friendly staff. Our favorite resort was the Anantara in the city of Hoi An. The rooms at Anantara were the nicest of all out hotels and the pool was shaded, which provided a wonderful relief. It also made for a short walk into the city center for shopping and exploring. The transfer from Hoi An to Hue was super and the guide and driver were wonderful. I had asked to change the tour in Hue a little and my guide was very accommodating. We were able to free up an afternoon to spend time with my parents’ siblings and their families. Cambodia was our next stop and the guides were super. Siem Reap accommodations were good and the temples were wonderful to visit, although I was templed out at the end of the tour in Cambodia. Phnom Penh was also fun. All and all, we had a wonderful trip and appreciate all of your work. Thanks again for planning our vacation.
Paul Tran
I loved our trip and the various activities in which we partook. All the accommodations were first rate and we were always well taken care of. The cooking classes were so fun although I struggled with some of the techniques we were invited to do. The home stay was different than what I thought it would be. Again, nice place to stay but we didn’t interact with the family as much as I would have liked. The side trips to the (Mekong Delta) factories were very interesting. Loved those. The only difficulty was with the heat and humidity, but not much can be done about that during the month we were there. My overnight stay in Bangkok at the Miracle was fine. It was simple but very clean and the shuttle to and from the airport was effortless. Thanks for putting together a marvelous package. I had a great time. Different than any place I had ever been.
P.S. All our guides were fabulous.
Marilyn Davis
Once again your great planning resulted in a terrific trip! Our guides (and drivers) were all top notch and went out of their way to give us a great experience. The home stay was interesting and a good experience. However, we were disappointed that there was very little interaction with the family. The art tour was outstanding. Sophie was well educated and obviously interested in her subject. She was able to demonstrate how Vietnamese art both influenced and was a part of history. A great tour! Our cooking classes were all well-organized, interesting and fun. It would be difficult to name a favorite.

Our room at Victoria Angkor had some a/c problems which the hotel worked on correcting. They sent a fruit platter as an apology. Even a great hotel, which it was, can have an occasional problem. By the way, the French restaurant here was outstanding. The staff at Maison Souvannaphoum in Luang Prabang was fantastic. A great group of people.

So, yep, home tired and happy. It is impossible to name a favorite experience! So many! Hard to name a terrible experience…there were none! Thanks so much for creating these great experiences. I remain totally impressed and look forward to the next adventure! You are the best!

Suzanne Smith
We’re back from Vietnam and as usual we had an amazing time. Hoi An surprised us with delicious food and beautiful beaches. Traditionally, like many tourists, we went to the tailor and had some made-to-measure clothes done. Hanoi was also nice. Our tour guide, Hung, made our stay a pleasure. He had so many interesting stories to tell, so our long journeys by car (for example four hours to Halong Bay), passed by quickly. The private boat on the bay was also an excellent idea – we had a great time and could totally relax and admire the views. On our way back to the airport we still had some free time and Hung took us to a local village where we got really friendly with the locals and just didn’t want to leave. The hotels were the best, as usual. Nice contrast between the wonderful beach hotel in Hoi An and the luxurious one in Hanoi. Thanks again for everything – we’ll be back!
Magda Gruchala
We had a fabulous time in Cambodia and Thailand and all the arrangements went very well. I am particularly happy with a couple of the guides, Sopiak in Siem Reap and Lek in Bangkok. John and Bee in Chiang Mai were also very good. We can’t wait for our next vacation in Southeast Asia. Thank you again for helping us arrange such a wonderful adventure.
Jeanny Chen
We just got back from our amazing tour of Southeast Asia. Everytime we travel, you surpass yourself. We really enjoyed the Vietnam highlands and Phu Quoc. The highlight of our trip was Myanmar and we could have stayed there a few more days. The guide we had in Myanmar, who traveled with us throughout, was amazing and she made our trip very special. By the way, all the hotels were over the top. Especially Governor’s Residence (Yangon), La Veranda (Phu Quoc) and the Dalat Palace (Dalat). Thank you again for arranging a memorable trip for us.
Jack Youredjian
We are in flight back home from our trip, and I wanted to email you a thank you, and tell you how wonderful the trip was. We have traveled all over, approximately 30 countries, and this trip, especially Cambodia, was one of our favorites. The private car and guide was a bonus. Both guides were great, and both hotels were spectacular. I will recommend you to any friend we have that is looking for an Asia trip. Also, I will be happy to write an online review for you. Thanks again.
Michael McGivern
The trip was nothing short of amazing! I can honestly say it was the best vacation I have ever had! The arrangements went very well and it turned out to be the perfect combination of sightseeing, adventures and leisure. I think it was perfect the way it was set up to be real busy the first half and then had our down time for the remainder of the trip. Glow Trinity hotel in Bangkok was very nice, great location to be able to walk to the night market and bars, and the food there was great! I absolutely loved the Karon Sea Sands Resort in Phuket, it was much more than I anticipated!

Our guide in Bangkok was excellent! Louis was extremely knowledgeable on the history and cultural significance of everywhere we went. He was also very friendly, talkative and attentive and gave us many good suggestions as to what to do and see and how to manage around on our own. He also definitely made sure we never went hungry as he was extremely attentive on providing local snacks and dishes as we traveled around. He took us to the Tiger Temple (not part of our original itinerary) where we were able to get up close and pet tigers! I would highly recommend that excursion to others going to Thailand, it was truly one of the highlights of the trip! All the other planned excursions were fantastic, exactly the kinds of adventure we wanted! Even though we knew we would be doing all those activities, when it came time for it, it just ended up being so much more fun than we could have imagined.

Thank you so much for arranging this incredible trip! I’ve been raving nonstop to my family and friends about how amazing it was, and how much I would recommend Thailand as a vacation destination for anyone wanting to travel.

Will Flores
I think we enjoyed Vietnam the most. Hung, our guide, made it a terrific experience. His English was good and he was bright and proud of his country. We learned a great deal from him, as well as Quyen. Hanoi and Halong Bay were wonderful, but I think Hoi An was maybe my favorite. Please add Streets International to your list of suggested restaurants there. It is a program developed by a New Yorker to teach kids cooking skills and restaurant managements. We met the owner and some of the kids when we stumbled on it. Great concept and one he is working on to expand to other areas.

Cambodia was perhaps the most memorable country. We had another GREAT guide – Mr. T – and his driver Mr. Chek. He was knowledgeable, bright, well informed about international affairs and proud of his country. Both he and the others were eager to learn from us as much as we were eager to learn from them. On the second day we cut the temple tours short and asked T to show us the countryside and go into some villages. He is amazing. Those memories will stick with me. The dinner and show were nice as well. The hotel was great and well-located close to the Night Market, which is a must.

Phuket was okay, but probably not a place we would return to. Too much traffic and too touristy. On the other hand, the tour to Khao Sok to do elephant trekking and canoeing the Sok River was one of the highlights of the trip. We loved it.

All in all, this was a terrific trip and we made new friends and acquaintances along the way. It’s an area we will probably return to, most likely Vietnam and maybe some other areas. We loved it. Thank you for all your help.

Kim Tandy
We had a truly amazing trip. All the arrangements went very smoothly. We were very impressed by our tour guides on each leg of our trip. In fact, they really made the trip in many ways. Each one went above and beyond in some way, to help make our trip that much more special. We didn’t have to stress about any of the details of traveling – we just knew that it was going to be taken care of, which allowed us to relax and enjoy our vacation. All of the hotels were great. We especially liked the Movenpick in Hanoi. Our itinerary was fabulous – we loved all the tours and have brought back many amazing memories. Thanks again for all your work in arranging such a wonderful trip!
Meghan Ewing
We had a marvelous time. Your arrangements went very smoothly and your guides were all great. Hieu in Saigon was the best overall, but we enjoyed interacting with all of them. We enjoyed the food and the opportunity to eat at all different kinds of eateries. In Da Nang I think I had the best scallops I’ve ever had – cooked to perfection. The best Pho was served up at a little street corner restaurant in Hanoi. We are recommending Vietnam as a destination and you as a travel agent to all of our friends. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip.
Holly Downing
Everything was wonderful, amazing, excellent!!! Perfect itinerary, perfect timing! You did a great job and we had the best vacation ever!! Thank you so much. We are already recommending you!!
Trini Valenzuela & Alvaro Minoletti
We are sad to be back. This was an amazing trip in anyway you can think of. We have traveled all around the world, but this was very different. You did an amazing job putting the itinerary together. The hotels you picked were first class (La Residence Phou Vao in Luang Prabang is a delightful hotel). Our guides in each city were great, except the Saigon guide. Our guide in Cambodia, Thu, was exceptional. The food on our private boat in Halong Bay was worthy of three Michelin stars. We absolutely loved Laos and Hoi An and would like to go back. We both thank you for doing a great job and we will be planning our next trip soon.
Jack Youredjian
Thank you for planning Myanmar for us! We had a blast! The food was great, the pace was great and our guide (Chung Yein) was awesome! We traveled with Chung from Yangon to Ngapali and the fact that we had one guide for the whole trip was outstanding. We got to bond with him and his knowledge and enthusiasm for history and his country were contagious and he had a great sense of humor. And, his English was great. He got us through the airports without any hassle and we were very spoiled by the end. One of the best things he did for us was stopping at a monastery where the locals were having a wedding reception, so we got to observe the receiption first hand! Of all the places we visited, Bagan and Inle Lake were my favorites. Ngapali beach was also great and the hotel was awesome – great setting, great bungalows, great staff and small enough that it did not feel crowded, even at meal times. The various drivers were courteous and the cars were clean. So, thank you for all your help planning our trip!!
Vivian Kigozi
This is the longest trip we’ve ever taken, but as I told you when we first talked, we don’t foresee traveling to that part of the world again, so we wanted to maximize the experiences, and I think we really accomplished that with your help. The logistics went without a hitch at every stop. Drivers, cars and guides were punctual and extremely helpful. The hotels were excellent everywhere – well located, clean, good amenities, good food. Your suggestion that we include Myanmar was an excellent one. Bagan and Inle Lake are world class places to visit and we clearly felt ahead of the curve on that one. All in all, we had a wonderful trip and we could not have done it without your help. Thank you so much for your thoughtful guidance and for making all the arrangements!
Joe Bracewell
Everything went very well. Our guide in Bangkok was great. Our hotel in Bangkok was wonderful. We would definitely stay at the Ariyasom Villa again. The staff was very friendly and the included breakfasts were great. Also, the hotel was right off the BTS Skytain which was awesome. Our stay in Phuket was wonderful, as well. Thank you for sending us to Karon Beach instead of one of the other busy beaches. The beach and swimming was fantastic. The Phang Nga canoe trip was fun. The lagoons were an awesome sight. We had Thai massages at a nice spa in the Kata Beach area called the Oasis Spa. That was one of the best experiences of our trip. Nice location on top of a hill overlooking the water. Skilled therapists as well. Thank you very much for your work in putting our trip together. We were so pleased. Working with you was an easy experience. You have no idea how much trouble we’ve gone through trying to plan things like this in the past. You really came through for us. We were thinking about going to Cambodia for our next trip. We would love to use your services again.
Amanda & Steve
Diane Embree is quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to travel since the airplane. I don’t want you to think that I’m exaggerating here, so I must tell you that I am writing this completely unprovoked, and that it is through my great satisfaction of her work and efforts that I am writing this. I found Diane when researching travel to Southeast Asia. My girlfriend and I decided, on a whim, that the region was interesting and that we would like to take a vacation there. Having no clue where to start, we found Diane’s name in a random search and contacted her. She responded very promptly, and with just the general guideline that we would like to go to Cambodia and Laos, that we had a certain budget, and that we would enjoy a very active touring schedule, she presented us with an itinerary that we could never devise on our own, and it was within our budget. Aside from that, she made the arrangements within a relatively short window of time.
The resulting vacation was quite simply the best I’ve ever experienced. We stayed at amazing accommodations (and we chose the second best ones possible…I can’t imagine how great the top ones are!), and we had a personal tour guide and driver for every location. The tour guides were locals who spoke very good English, and it was a pleasure to tip them at the end of every day. We were immersed in the cultures of Cambodia and Laos, and the temples, ruins and villages opened our eyes to a different way of life. The people are wonderful, and the sights will take your breath away!

We are now planning a trip to Vietnam, and Diane was (of course) the only person we thought of to help plan this trip. She literally does all the work, and does not ask for a cent until we have perused, and approved, the itinerary. We have never felt as though she was trying to take advantage of us, and we have never felt any pressure from her in any way. I would also like to mention that we live in New Jersey and she is based in California. We have never met face-to-face, yet we feel that she has done her work for us better than anyone could. I would recommend Diane to anyone, living anywhere, who would like to have the best vacation possible planned for them. Her personalized service is the finest you could ask from any professional, and her professionalism and demeanor put her above and beyond any other travel agent. The service you receive is top-notch, and is worth more than what you pay (I honestly have no idea how she makes her money, because the packages we’ve received are worth, in my opinion, far more than what we paid). If you are traveling, you need to contact this woman. I will no longer consider traveling without talking to her first. Thank you Diane!

A.J. Barbarito
Thanks for everything. Myanmar was amazing. It’s called Asia’s best kept secret and it truly is. Marcin has already described the organization and hotels as perfect and I can only agree. The country has so much to offer and it’s also the best place to take pictures. Myanmar people are happy to see tourists and are very hospitable. Their English is also very impressive. Mr. Han, in Bagan, was one of the best guides we’ve ever met. When it comes to hotels, I agree with Marcin that the one in Inle Lake was simply breathtaking. It merged into nature beautifully, but at the same time offered services of the highest quality. This wasn’t our first trip to Asia, but it was surely the best. Whenever we plan to return to the Southeast, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you first.
Magda Gruchala
We did enjoy the trip very much. For organization everything was simply PERFECT. The country is really beautiful, amazing and unfortunately like 19th century civilization. It was like time traveling. The program was a good combination of temples, monasteries and real life scenes. Hotels were top class – modest luxury well combined with environment. Once again we would like to thank you very much for all the arrangements. We will recommend both Myanmar and your services wherever possible.
Marcin Gruchala
Vietnam was absolutely wonderful! We enjoyed all the cities/towns (especially Hanoi and Hoi An). The resort style hotel in Hoi An was a very nice surprise – great to have the beach and pool. The day trip to Halong Bay was well worth the drive there and back. That was another favorite of the trip. All said, we loved the country, people and food. It has been decided that Vietnam will be a place to return to in the near future! Thanks for all the help you provided and for setting us up with just a great, fun-packed trip!
Jessica De Mont
As usual, your attention to detail in designing our trip was perfect. All the arrangements went smoothly. All pick-ups were on time, your restaurant recommendations were great and we definitely liked the hotels. The tour guides in Cambodia were knowledeable and professional. In Phnom Penh our trusted guide went above and beyond. In Siem Reap, our guide Leap Lam took us through the temples during the best light for photography purposes, and the least crowds, and showed us perspectives of the temples other tourists may overlook. Leap has a keen insight of the Cambodian culture. Overall it was memorable trip and it was good having you as our travel agent again. You’ve continued to gain our confidence. I will call you again on the next trip. Thanks again.
Ramilo Delos Reyes
Thank you for planning such an amazing trip! Our tour guide in Bangkok was over the top – so friendly and hospitable. He always seemed to be taking care of the little things we would have overlooked. Cambodia was beautiful! The people were so friendly and welcoming with a wonderful sense of humor. Angkor Wat is a must see. The Phi Phi Islands were fantastic – a true vacation away from it all. From zip-lining to cave kayaking, elephant trekking, white water rafting and breath-taking temples, this was definitely the vacation of a lifetime. This trip would never have gone so smoothly without your help. The hotels, tour guides, restaurants and multitude of other travel arrangements were spectacular and flawless. I will send anyone traveling to Southeast Asia your way. Thanks again for one of the most memorable experiences of my life.
Nicole Terwilliger
Well, the trip was awesome. I can’t wait to go back. The planning was perfect. The guide in Bangkok helped us with taste testing local foods. The hotels and tours were 100% perfect, thank you. The temples were amazing and the Angkor beer was amazing. We loved the zip-lining so much. The people and environment in Cambodia were great and so friendly. We felt very safe even at 3:00am down dark streets. Phi Phi Islands were the best part of the trip; no cars, no taxis, no mopeds, no tuk tuks. We loved Phi Phi and Cambodia the best. Thank you so much for all of your help. If I ever know anyone traveling there I will send them your way, because you helped us plan the perfect trip and my best vacation ever.
Jeremy Smith
Thank you for putting together what was a fabulous, interesting trip. The guides were all excellent – very knowledgeable. Our guide in Chiang Rai, when she recognized our interest in contemporary art, added a visit to the studio/museum of Thawan Duchanee, which turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. We were especially appreciative of the professionalism of our guide in Bangkok when, coming back on the river from Ayutthaya, our cruise boat couldn’t fit under a bridge, due to floods. Our guide, knowing that we had to catch a flight to Vientiane, arranged to have a motorboat pick us up in case the captain couldn’t resolve the issue. Our guides in Vientiane and Luang Prabang were equally professional. The accommodations were great and overall it was a memorable trip. We’re already talking about our next trip to Southeast Asia and I would certainly work with you again on our arrangements. Thanks again!
Diane Jablonski
We had a wonderful time traveling around Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The arrangements worked perfectly. The guides were great in teaching us about their homelands and very patient with my many questions. Highlights:
Loved Hoi An area and resort! The old city of Hue was great, as well as the water trip to visit the tombs. Loved everything about Luang Prabang!! The more time we spent in the Angkor area, the more impressed we became with this ancient civilization. Loved the Cambodian dance show. We can’t believe what they do with their fingers. Thanks so much for your help. You did a great job in putting this together for us. The method of travel suits us, to have a private guide and driver. Yes, it was an extremely tightly packed trip, but a very enjoyable experience.
Barry Schwartz
The trip was amazing. You did a masterful job of mixing the itinerary. We never felt like things were repetitious. We never felt hurried. We might have had a little more relaxation time than is normal for us, but in the heat and humidity that may have been a blessing. The guides were excellent. The food was outstanding. The hotels were all well chosen and extremely comfortable. The vehicles, especially their effective A/C, were a God-send. Thanks again for all your efforts.
David Riley
We had a wonderful time. It was perfectly planned. We feel as if we had just enough time at each place that we visited, and our guides were extremely courteous. Thanks again for your attention to the details of our trip. Can’t wait to take another one!!!
Soeung Chov
We had a fabulous trip. All the arrangements went smoothly and our guides were excellent. The combination of amazing sites (Halong Bay, Angkor Wat, etc.) gave us ancient and colonial historical perspectives, as well as a fuller understanding of the Vietnam War era, which came from the sites themselves and discussions with our guides and other people we met along the way. The people, and especially the children, were so very friendly. Thank you again for arranging this for us. I would definitely contact you again if we ever plan another trip to Southeast Asia. I’ve already recommended you to several of my friends.
Hollis Kowaloff
I booked a trip to Cambodia with Diane and it was great. I met up with my daughter and her boyfriend and toured several of the temples, including Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Banteay Srei. They were amazing, even more spectacular than I would have imagined. I also went to Phnom Penh, a mixture of experiences, including the Silver Pagoda and the Royal Palace, as well as the Genocide Museum and Killing Fields. The latter was somewhat overwhelming, but something I would not have wanted to skip. It helped to understand the experience of the Cambodian people and makes it so remarkable to see how the country has risen. Everything came off without a hitch, including coordinating part of the trip with my daughter. I would not hesitate to recommend these services.
Paul Helms
We had a great time in Vietnam and Cambodia. The itinerary was organized smoothly. The tour guides spoke very good English and they were always prompt and professional. I give them all five stars. The Royal Bay Inn in Siem Reap was really beautiful and beyond our expectations for a three star hotel. Our overnight on the Bai Tho junk boat in Halong Bay was my husband’s favorite part of the trip. Our room was very clean and had a nice hot shower. The on board meals were very good. The Kingston Hotel in Saigon was exactly what we expected of a three star hotel, based on western standards. They served an excellent breakfast and we loved its central location. In Phu Quoc we both loved Chen La Resort. It was on a very isolated stretch of beach with spacious rooms overlooking the ocean, a beautiful terrace in every room, with open air bathtub. The hotel has a gorgeous infinity pool and hammocks and suspension beds on the beach. The service was excellent. After Chen La we stayed at La Veranda which is smaller, and which shares a beach with other hotels. We liked that it was in the middle of town. The service at La Veranda was also excellent and they gave us evening desserts. In summary, we had a great trip. Thank you very much for putting it all together. We would definitely contact you again, next time we go to Southeast Asia.
Wanli Kuang
We had such a lovely trip, thank you so much for your help! We were very happy with our accommodations, our guides and our itinerary. We especially loved Luang Prabang. What a quaint, quiet, charming place! Laos was a breath of fresh air. We had no idea what to expect, but we loved everything. We REALLY enjoyed Hoi An. It was a perfect respite after Saigon. Our room at the Victoria was right on the beach and we loved the outdoor shower and other facilities. We also enjoyed the bike ride, especially seeing the adorable children at the school. We loved our guide, Quin (in Hue). He is such a gentlemen. He and Mango (in Hanoi) were our favorites. The Angkor temples blew us away and the floating villages are incredible. All your restaurant suggestions were good. We especially liked the Cargo Club in Hue, the Green Tangerine in Hanoi and the Italian restaurant at the Sofitel Metropole. We were impressed by your expertise and by the fact that you personally check out the hotels and other places that you recommend. Thank you again for helping us have a wonderfully memorable trip!
Janet Bass
Sharon and I had a wonderful time in Cambodia and Vietnam. Everything went very smoothly. The guides were always present and prompt, rooms were always ready, the meals were good (if a bit large!) and the excursions were fun and flexible. Thank you for setting it all up for us. Our guides were all very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable – we were very satisfied and enjoyed the company of each of them. We were especially impressed with “Mango” in Hanoi. He helped us transition smoothly at the beginning of our trip (sitting down with us after check-in to go over a map, recommend activities and places to eat in our free time and helped us get our bearings in general). He was also great company – always jovial and willing to engage with us. The second guide who stood out for us was Khuvit in Siem Reap. He was extremely friendly and went beyond just the history of the temples, giving us a better understanding of people’s lives in Cambodia, enriching our experience.
Overall, we had a great time and miss it already. Thank you again for all your help with this trip. We would definitely recommend your services to friends or family.
Andrew Dai
Wow, what a trip! Every guide was knowledgeable about his or her area in history, where to go and what to eat. I loved them all. The drivers were excellent and were conscious of potholes and bumps. Hanoi’s Sofitel Metropole was gorgeous. The private boat to Halong Bay was fascinating. My daughter and I enjoyed having dresses made in Hoi An, for $25 apiece in less than three hours. The Mekong Delta was amazing. Our tour to the magnificent Angkor Wat was magical. Words cannot describe the energy and visuals I experienced there. We can’t thank Diane enough for this perfect trip! She provided superior service in delivering a truly memorable travel experience. I am impressed with the thorough planning, arrangement and execution of all trip details, which is what made this trip one of the easiest and most comfortable travel excursions I have ever been on. The attention to detail afforded me the comfort and ease of just sitting back and enjoying the experience.
Katie Coleman
The trip was wonderful. Thanks sooo very much for arranging things, including last minute changes. We had the best time. The agents in Thailand were very organized and helpful. The Sheraton was great and the Belle Villa is awesome; I would recommend it to anyone. The tours were phenomenal. Thanks again. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone interested in going to Southeast Asia.
Nooshin Parhizkar
Got home last night from an excellent trip. Your arrangements were flawless. We were very impressed with the on-ground agents; our three guides were all excellent, very knowledgeable, intelligent and pleasant. That made a huge difference to us. The new hotel at the Bangkok airport is extremely posh and it was a very good place to spend the night. The Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel in Luang Prabang was divine, with gorgeous grounds and lovely service. In fact, the highlight of our trip was Laos, since it is untouched, as yet, by the effects of globalization – no Starbucks, no one honked a single horn the whole time we were there. It was relaxed and welcoming. The elephant trip with the waterfall swimming was really lovely, especially bonding with an elephant up close. The day on the Mekong and the visit to the caves was restful and scenically beautiful. And, the alms-giving was personal and almost religious for us. The trip at Ha Long Bay, on our very own boat, was the highlight for food, since the chef was amazing, providing us with eight-course meals. So, thank you again for your help. We would be glad to serve as a reference, should you ever be asked for one.
Susan Kerman
Thank you for the most incredible trip of our lives. I cannot express how much we enjoyed our time in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. All in all, this trip would not have happened without you and I’ve been recommending you to everyone. Our tour guide in Hanoi, Yang, was phenomenal. He was, by far, the most pleasant and informative tour guide any of us had ever had. We loved the Galaxy Hotel and the day trip to Ha Long Bay was fantastic. We really enjoyed the hotel in Hue, as well as our tours there. The Cu Chi Tunnels tour was incredible. All in all, Vietnam was a remarkable experience and it was so well organized and easy. Our hotel in Cambodia was absolutely gorgeous. In addition, the staff was remarkable. One of us got sick and the entire staff took care of her. Our tour guide, Ket, was also fantastic. We loved our experience in Chiang Mai, but in general I think Phuket may have been too touristy for us. I know it wasn’t easy to meet all our constraints and to arrange seven people. You did a phenomenal job and we are all still reveling in what an amazing experience it was. I look forward to planning another trip with you in the near future.
Melody Ahdout
We had a wonderful time in Myanmar thanks to your flawless arrangements. We enjoyed our hotels, tour guides and the overall experience of seeing for ourselves a society that doesn’t hear much about the western world. A favorite was Inle Lake and the accommodations – we could have easily stayed there another couple of nights. We found Bagan exotic and mystical with the ancient stupas, et al. Thank you again for making this a smooth, seamless and memorable trip. All the best to you and we plan to stay in touch for future travel to Southeast Asia.
John Daly
Just wanted to say thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful trip! Matt and I had a fantastic time in Vietnam and Phnom Penh and I, of course, had an amazing time in Siem Reap. Everything went so perfectly. It gave us the chance to really relax and enjoy ourselves
Allison Putnam
It was a perfect trip! Not a single problem, hotels were amazing, tour guides very nice, always on time… GREAT!!!
Augusto Restrepo
Wow. That is our impression. We had such a wonderful time and the trip exceeded our expectations. I want to compliment the great guides we had throughout our trip. All of them were very nice, knowledgeable and flexible. The accommodations were perfect. Every hotel had a great staff and the rooms were beautiful. The food was really good, although we all agreed not to have rice for at least a month! My favorite meal was the one on the boat in Ha Long Bay. That day was one of my favorites and a perfect way to end the trip. We have been asked many times which part was our favorite and it is is impossible to decide. The part that had the most impact was Cambodia. I will never forget the Killing Fields and yet the beauty of Angkor Wat was impressive. It is hard to fathom the spectrum of magnificence and atrocity within a one hour plane ride. I want to thank you for a perfect trip.
Linda O'Connell
The trip was flawless; every connection went smoothly and I was promptly met everywhere I went! One flight had a 15 minute delay to Mandalay, but that’s nothing. I am still amazed at the nice treatment and food on the airlines beyond ‘the west.’ Lennie was a great guide and went out of his way on numerous occasions, such as arranging for me to meet a historian from Yangon University. The trip to Mrauk U was really wild with planes, car, a rickshaw, boats and a four-wheel jeep, but very much worth it. I was leery when we bought food at the markets and then ate it (cooked onboard the boat), but it was simple and delicious – no health problems. Where else can you buy 50+ tiger shrimp (the size of bananas) for about four dollars? The drivers, too, were terrific. My guide Ngyuen, in Mandalay, who I requested from my previous trip to Myanmar, was just as wonderful as before. I greated enjoyed that segment of the trip. I would have liked another day at the giant Buddha (400+ feet) between Monywa and Mandalay, as there was a lot to explore. In many places that we went, it seemed that cars were a rarity and I was of considerable interest to the locals!
Morris Petty Jr.
I was browsing the September issue of Travel + Leisure magazine and was very happy to see your name on their Travel Experts A-List. It is a well-deserved recognition. My family and I can give testimony as to how good a travel agent you are. I have to confess that when I found you over the internet, I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning. Our first trip with you, to Bali, turned out to be one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives. The several trips you’ve prepared for us exceeded our expectations and made us change our perception of the Southeast Asia region. Thanks again, and I will definitely recommend you to other people.
Vanessa Irlanda
I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting together a wonderful trip on such short notice. It was my first time to Asia and I know that I will definitely be going back. The accommodations were great. The hotels were clean, personnel were great, especially in Cambodia where the staff at the Victoria Hotel were especially welcoming and thoughtful. The Sofitel in Chiang Mai was really luxurious. The locations were also great. Thank you for your selections. I appreciated the fact that we had a tour guide to ourselves and were not part of a tour group. It gave us some flexibility in deciding what we wanted to do. The Cambodian guide, Bunritt, was the most knowledgeable of them all. I also liked the little details such as the cool towels when we got back into the cars, the cold water, etc. The drivers should also be thanked because we felt safe with their driving. Overall, I had a fantastic time! It was great seeing all those temples, getting an insight into Buddhism, seeing all those ancient civilizations and being humbled about waht we take for granted. It is amazing what similarities people all over the world have, despite the distances. Thank you very much for all your help and conscientiousness!!
Vivian Kigozi
As to Vietnam and Cambodia, I love both of them, especially Vietnam. It’s hard to describe what I like about it, because I like everything! One of the things I like best about travel is being somewhere that is uniquely itself, so that you know you’re not in some familiar place, but in a place that is a wholly new experience. Vietnam definitely fits that description for me. It has a very old culture that, although influenced by other cultures, is very much its own. Many parts of the country are really beautiful, and I love the temples, tombs and other monuments. The best thing may be the people and the cost. The people are very welcoming and friendly. I like really nice hotels and there are very nice luxury hotels in Vietnam with prices that are way less than you pay in Europe and even in much of South America. I could spend days in Hanoi. Ha Long Bay is well worth the trip. Sapa is really fascinating with the minority tribes. The Victoria Sapa Hotel was lovely and it had the best pastry chef I’ve every encountered. I loved Hue on both my trips to Vietnam. I think Hue is a must. Hoi An town is completely charming and the Cham Museum in Danang, on the way to Hoi An, is definitely a highlight. We spent three nights and three plus days in the Mekong Delta and I could definitely have spent more time. The floating markets are not to be missed. You can probably tell that I love Vietnam.
Susan Henrichsen
I cannot thank you enought for all you did in making our arrangements for Vietnam. Everything was terrific! Barry and I think it was one of our best trips and we look forward to returning to Asia (and call you for help when we go). Vietnam is beautiful and the people are so warm and friendly.
Rhonda Ladendorf
Thailand and Cambodia were wonderful. Your representatives are organized and efficient. The guides and drivers were terrific. Dum, our Bangkok guide, was particularly outstanding. He picked up on our special interests and went out of his way to see that they were addressed. My favorite hotel was probably the Belle Villa in Pai. Marion and I were constantly amazed at the quality of the trip. Each day seemed to be better than the last. It is impossible to name a highlight. Both of the cooking classes were outstanding. Those ice cold towels and ice cold bottles of water are inspired! You thought of everything. I couldn’t have been more impressed or pleased. Thank you so much for making my first Asian experience such a pleasurable one.
Suzanne Smith
We had a wonderful time on the trip. Everything went smoothly. Special kudos to the following guides: Sky in Bangkok, Vong in Luang Prabang and Savy in Siem Reap. They were great. The food in the Hotel De La Paix is fabulous. The view from the Sheraton in Bangkok was terrific. All the hotels were very nice with good locations and each had a special feature. The water trips, rafting in Chiang Mai, the boat trip back to Bangkok from Ayutthaya, the boat trip to Pak Ou caves in Luang Prabang and the boat trip to the nature preserve on Ton Le Sap Lake were really nice breaks from the temple visits. At the elephant camp in Chiang Mai, there was a one year old baby that we got to feed. That was loads of fun. And, of course, Angkor Wat and the other ruins were jaw-droppingly splendid. Thanks again for your special attention to the finer details.
Casey Dowell
I’m writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. I also enjoyed the Singapore stopover, and achieved my goal of being well-rested when I reached Hanoi. All of the hotels were pleasant, with special kudos to the Victoria Hoi An and Sofitel in Siem Reap. The guides and drivers were prompt and very professional. I especially appreciated Kien in Hanoi, Sang in Siem Reap and Paul in Phnom Penh. Shirley and I both were really glad we decided to include Phnom Penh in our trip. Bottom line: Thank you very much for your work in making this a really memorable trip. It was wonderful to know everything was pre-arranged and everything would go according to plan. One more comment on the capitol of Cambodia; the National Museum is a do-not-miss.
Karen Walter
Thank you for the wonderful trip you planned. We all had a great time visiting all the interesting sights. I think Cambodia had to be the highlight for Bob and me. the way the people live down near the lake, and the temples, were spectacular sights. We had been to Bangkok 25 years ago, but the changes were quite interesting. We still enjoyed the temples and palaces as much as the first time. The floating market was more of a tourist trap than any of us expected, but still enjoyable. The Tiger Temple was not what any of us expected, but we thought it was a great experience. The dinner and show at the Oriental Hotel was excellent. Hanoi was so different from Saigon. There were interesting things to see everywhere we went. The Citadel and Royal Tombs in Hue were very nice. The ride to Ha Long Bay was very long, but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the formations and the caves. Hoi An was a cute little city and we enjoyed the hotel, spa and beach very much. We enjoyed our visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Mekong Delta a lot. All in all, it was a wonderful time. The hotels were excellent, the days were exciting and the time flew by. The guides were all very knowledgeable and eager to please. In fact, all the people we ran into, on the streets, in the hotels, in the spas or at the sites and stores were all very caring and helpful. Thank you for all your hard work!
Carla Garfield
It was a grand adventure. Ha, our guide in Hanoi, was incredible. Thoa, our guide in Saigon, was also great. Thank you so much for working with us to get this done. This trip way exceeded my expectations.
Doug Johnson
Amazing. Absolutely amazing. The trip was everything we hoped it would be; the perfect mix of culture, urban adventure, rural exploration and sun-drenched beaches. Thanks so much for all of your work on our behalf. Here are a few thoughts that might help future travelers on their Thailand excursion: The Tiger Temple was truly spectacular and should be a “must on any traveler’s to-do list. The Belle Villas in Pai were similarly grand, with unmatched service. Kata Country House in Phuket was superb, but visitors MUST upgrade their rooms to deluxe or superior. The tour guides were, by and large, excellent – especially Ae out of Bangkok. The River Kwai Jungle Rafts were an epic experience – no electricity and in the middle of nowhere, they were exotic and authentic. CH Hotel in Chiang Mai was great. Imperial Tara in Mae Hong Son was also good. Overall we had the trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much!
Josh J.
We had a great time in Cambodia. A little hotter than I was used to, but the temples were pretty amazing. Everything went smoothly from the pick-up to the drop-off. The hotel was quite nice – a lot better than what I’ve been used to. It was weird having the doors opened and the luggage carried for me. The provided meals were great – again, better than what I would normally eat (lol). All in all, I thought the package was a great value.
Dennis Lee
As you could probably tell from our blog, we had an amazing time. One thing that we can’t praise enough is the Borei Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap. It was beautiful, the food was delicious, the staff was wonderful and we wish that we could fly there for long weekend getaways. We still can’t believe that it is over. Thanks again for all your help. We’ll be in touch soon.
Steve & Ginger Tessier
Debra and I truly enjoyed the trip. The Metropole was outstanding. Our guide, Soai, was a great guy and very helpful. A nice surprise was the Novotel in Ha Long. I did not expect much, but it was so good that we did not leave the hotel, and ate a great meal there for dinner. The Perfume Pagoda was my favorite for exotic scenery and a peaceful boat ride. We were glad not to have overextended ourselves by going too far from Hanoi. Our itinerary was perfect for seven days. Thanks for setting us up. It would have been way too hard to do this without your help.
Bernard Shell
The trip was fabulous! Have many stories to share, but the bottom line is that it exceeded our expectations. I treasure that trip. I found you and your staff to be very professional and most of the guides were outstanding.
Sheila Antrum
We had a wonderful time. The trip was great and all thanks to you. Brooke and I love Thailand. My father, shockingly, loved Cambodia! He had a fantastic time there. Thank you so much.
Nilofar Firooznia
The trip went really smoothly and all went according to plan. All of our guides were waiting for us when we arrived, the hotels were all nice and, to put it in a few words, we had a fantastic time. My personal favorite was Ha Long Bay. The was really a special part of the trip. Thank you for putting together a nice package for us, as always.
Ed Segall
Meals, hotels, tours, Perfume Pagoda, old quarter Hanoi, history, people, food and so much more…all really fabulous. Ended with a late drink at the Metropole last night, after rambling through the Old Quarter for hours. So glad we made the trip. Exciting. Insane. Inspiring. Enlightening.
Debra Balamos
I had the best experience in Cambodia. The hotel staff made all the difference. Friendly, hospitable, always had smiles on their faces and very personable. It’s been the best hotel staff I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience in all my stays abroad. The guide, Bunrith, was also very knowledgeable, made sure we were taken care of with water, umbrellas and cool towels. The hotel in Chiang Mai was very beautifully decorated all around. It has a Balinese feel to it, very relaxing. We are looking forward to going back on many more trips!
Adriana Paez